Supercrush - I Didn't Know (We Were Saying Goodbye) Tour Flexi 7"


The second two song 7" flexi in Supercrush's ongoing flexi series. This one was made for a US tour in the summer of 2020. The tour unfortunately had to be cancelled so the flexi's are now being made available through mailorder. The first track is a special version of the Supercrush song 'I Didn't Know (We Were Saying Goodbye)' from the SODO Pop album. This version features the vocals of Nathaniel Epp and Keeley Rochon of the band Dead Soft. The second track is a cover of ‘I Wanna Be Happy’ by The Queers, a song co-written by none other than Joey Ramone. These versions are not available on streaming services for the time being, only on these flexi records.

Available in Canada from Debt Offensive Records:

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